4 Key Components of Your Website’s Homepage

January 15, 2019 in Techno Bytes3 minutes

Explore the essential elements that make a homepage not just good, but great. From our extensive experience, we reveal the 4 key components that are the backbone of successful websites.

Your website’s homepage is the heart of your business. Thats where guests get to know you. That said, how does your homepage look like? Being in ecommerce industry for over a decade and having analyzed 1000’s of websites that perform well, I see a pattern. The pattern will have 4 key components.

As a disclaimer, I am not selling any service. I am registering my thoughts and sharing my knowledge thru my blog, so mine does not follow any of the rules below.

4 Key components of your website’s homepage Start with the WHY Why do you exist? Why you? – Let’s talk about TalkSpace, a company that offers online therapy to their patients. Their message is strong and clear “Feeling better starts with a single message”. They are talking directly to their customers who are looking to feel better.

Image Description

Compare it with your message.

Is your message clear to your customers/clients? Does your brand message directly target your customer base? Lets say you are running a workout studio and your customers are working moms.

Your message should look like “Short meaning full workout for wonderful Moms like you! Join us!”

This translates into your brand message:

We provide busy moms with a short meaning full workout, they can use to stay healthy and renewed energy

Authenticity: Prove customers you are real Customers are nervous about being scammed. They are looking for authenticity. My idea is simple, if they trust Brand A and Brand A is using your service, that is a signal of trust to them. Add any certifications, associations, partnerships. here is an example: Look at how FreshWorks prove their identity. Most of you reading this article might have come across 2 or more brands listed.

Herd Mentality – Tell your customers they are not alone. Early adopters will find you no matter what. But they are only a fraction. The rest are fast followers and late adopters. They need to be convinced. Show them testimonials, reviews and your portfolio/work you have done for customers. Make sure that the reviews, testimonials have real names, real photos and legitimate content. Adding numbers make it even more legit just like the example below.

Call to action – Psychology of 6 It takes six or more times for someone to act on a message. Large brands and enterprises know this. Your call to action, whatever it may be, should be repeated frequently and appropriately on your homepage. Make sure you give several ways to reach out to you. Also, a form to collect the email/phone number.

See this example: Talk Space has placed the Call To Action button at least 9 times on their home page. Image Description

Conclusion This thing works, it’s timeless. While branding is a lot more than designing your homepage, these 4 components guide you to put the design into action. Your brand is a story, your homepage is a preview that lets customers decide whether to read your story or not. Make your impression.