I am

Siva Rajadurai

and this is my blog of ideas.


I enjoy talking about data platforms, data engineering, and AI. These topics have been the focus of my 16-year career. Currently, I lead a variety of Data Platforms at a Fortune 40 healthcare company. Being a leader for Data Platforms in this era of Gen AI is amazing; I couldn't have asked for more. The platforms we build are utilized by hundreds of architects, data engineers, ML engineers, Data Analysts, and Data Scientists. It's a great feeling, honestly!

I have witnessed the astounding transformation of the data platform stack over the last two decades. And I don't see that transformation stopping anytime soon. In fact, I predict the pace of change is about to accelerate even further. One of the perks of being in data integration in the early days gave me a peek at every possible technology out there. I can talk about things as legacy as AS/400, or the most recent developments around uniform delta 3.0 formats. Oh, remember those mainframe VSAM files?

My 16-year journey in data platforms has been fulfilling, and I've had the opportunity to work for some great companies along the way. One of the highlights of my career was leading a lean integration team at L.L.Bean. Imagine leading the Enterprise Integration team that is responsible for every possible pipeline that transfers data between any two or more systems? I loved every bit of it. Some people underestimate working in smaller companies, but I'll tell you this: your team has to be like Spartans in such positions. You are left with a lean team, huge responsibility, and the smallest possible budget. I had 8 people in my team and we supported 19,000 integrations. Yeah, we were all Spartans.

I have held various leadership roles at Humana, L.L. Bean, Tata Consultancy Services, and Target Corporation. I am passionate about designing and building software architectures to reduce costs and improve the lives of others. Throughout my career, I have architected and delivered several data platform solutions, integration designs, and cloud services that have transformed the way organizations operate.

Fun fact about me: I designed an entire website using just HTML and JavaScript when I was a 12-year-old. I actually got caught by the tutors because I joined the computer institute for learning Microsoft Office 2000. Well, curious minds, I guess.

Through my blog, I hope to share my knowledge and experience with you and learn from you. Don't hesitate to write to me at hello@siva.blog.

Join me, together, let's innovate, inspire, and invigorate.


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